Friday, June 3, 2011

Update on Anti Amanda Knox Blogger Peter Quennell: A Predictable Reaction

Peter Quennell
I posted an article yesterday detailing how Anti-Amanda Knox blogger Peter Quennell, owner and operator of, harassed a young woman and attempted to extort money from her. If you have not read the article, you can catch up on the details here: Disturbing Emails Expose Anti Amanda Knox Blogger Peter Quennell.

Peter Quennell responded to the article linked above with an outright lie by posting the following comment today on Peggy Ganong's website,
"There is much missing from those emails on her side and nothing from what continued on Facebook. Several are fabricated and not written by me."
It is laughable to think that any of these emails were ever fabricated.  Every email posted in the article linked above that was attributed to Peter Quennell was written by him and he very well knows this. If he needs to be reminded about exactly what he said, I can send all of the emails to him and his wife so that he can refresh his memory while trying to explain away his wrongdoing. He knows what he did was wrong. He complied with detectives when they told him to take the unauthorized website offline for that very reason. As far as the rest of Quennell’s statement above, the article clearly states that Quennell sent hundreds of emails to Jane. Jane’s privacy is of great concern. The entire conversation is not necessary to show Quennell’s reprehensible behavior. Nothing Jane said to Quennell warranted the emails she received in return. 

Quennell added another post on Perugia Murder File stating that he was "still standing" as if he had scored a great victory from a vicious attack, displaying no remorse for his actions and explained away his repulsive behavior by discussing how great he is.

As expected, a few of Quennell’s loyal followers rushed to voice support. Most comments have been nothing more than baseless attacks on me and have completely ignored Quennell's behavior. Quennell’s behavior is embarrassing and unacceptable, so I understand the need for Quennell’s supporters to be in denial.  However, to any reasonable person, these emails expose Quennell for what he really is.

Peggy Ganong, one of Quennell’s biggest fans, was quick to show her support. She accused me (once again) of defamation in a post on her website. This is no surprise of course, and her response further proves the point I have repeatedly made regarding her group’s battle cry to accuse others of defamation in order to distract people from the truth.

Ganong has accused me of several things in the past, none of which have been true. I have been hilariously referred to as a “paid employee” of the David Marriot PR Firm and she also loves to boldly claim that I use a "fake" name. Both of which are completely false. At one point, Peggy’s website was so obsessed with me, they even posted a picture of the United States showing where all the Bruce Fishers in the country resided. For months, both Peter Quennell and Peggy Ganong perpetuated a myth that I was a cameraman in Seattle, all stemming from a bad guess based on another Bruce Fisher's Linked-In profile.

Peggy Ganong in particular has become obsessed with finding out as many facts about me as possible.  In fact, now she has become so obsessed with me, she is using my name as her avatar on the forum she moderates---something I find simultaneously humorous and creepy at the same time.

Of course, I realize Peggy Ganong would love for me to post my home address online so her group of loyal followers could harass my family and send hate mail to my employer, but I think I will have to decline to fulfill her wishes for the time being. Peggy need not worry about unearthing anything spectacular about myself.  I am just an average guy, and I can promise that I have never stalked and harassed a woman as Peggy Ganong’s friend Peter Quennell has done.

I am rarely shocked by anything I read on Peggy Ganong's website but today I was actually a little surprised at the indecency.  Instead of distancing herself from Peter Quennell’s harassment of an innocent young woman, Ganong instead chose to blame and attack Quennell’s victim, insinuating that she is hiding behind a pseudonym and acting immorally in order to run an online smear campaign against Quennell.  (As an aside, Peggy should understand that it is in fact people like her who prevent people who have been victimized from speaking out in the first place. How can she then complain about anonymity?)

Here is the exact quote she used:
“"Jane" and "Bruce" have violated one of the basic underlying rules of netiquette. Having done so, one apparently now wants to hide behind a "Jane Doe" moniker, while the other has always hidden, maintaining his status as a virtual non-entity who has been hired to run an online smear campaign as part of his job description. Whatever else happens, "Jane" has shown herself to be someone who has no qualms about taking someone's money and then not living up to her end of the moral agreement”
The fact that this young woman wants to protect her privacy needs no explanation. Peggy Ganong's comments regarding this young woman are shameful, but not surprising. At this point, Peggy Ganong’s shameful behavior is what we’ve come to expect.

One last note: I recently posted an article discussing a teacher and his students that created a video in support of Amanda Knox. Due to a relentless attack on their school, orchestrated by members of the group led by Peggy Ganong and Peter Quennell, I made the decision to remove the article from the internet. The article was not removed because of issues with content; it was removed because I felt that it was unfair for the school to have to deal with the harassment. Even if an employer supports an employee 100%, it does not mean the employer should be expected to take on a cause that the employee believes in.

Thankfully thousands were able to read the inspiring story during the time it was online. If those who are currently attacking supporters of Amanda Knox (in a blatant attempt to harm their lives) ever decide to refrain from this repulsive behavior, the article discussing the class project completed by the teacher and his students can then be put back online. It is a shame that innocent people are being attacked for simply believing in the innocence of Amanda Knox.