Friday, June 24, 2011

Anti-Amanda Knox blogger Peter Quennell Caught in His Own Web of Lies

Peter Quennell
Injustice in Perugia recently reported that Peter Quennell, owner and operator of, harassed a young woman and attempted to extort money from her. If you have not read the article, you can catch up on the details here.

Peter Quennell has repeatedly responded to the allegations against him with outright lies. We posted an update detailing his first response here.  To this day, Quennell continues to fabricate new lies and is now making false legal threats against websites that post articles detailing his behavior. 

Quennell’s most recent lie was that he was represented by a high-powered New York attorney.  He has used this made up fact several times in order to try to deter anyone from writing criticism about him.  Just recently, this lie was exposed when Quennell attempted to namedrop this attorney in one of his many threatening email campaigns.  Unfortunately for Quennell, this time the website he threatened legal action against actually took him seriously and had an attorney of their own.  When this site’s attorney attempted to call the “opposing counsel” he namedropped, lo and behold the namedropped attorney relayed that Quennell had misrepresented their relationship.

Peter Quennell’s made up legal threats linked to the case against Amanda Knox date back quite a while.  For example, over a year ago in an article on the Daily Beast which mentioned Peter Quennell, a person stated in the comment section that Quennell was a bully.  Quennell, who saw the comment, did not take kindly to this name calling and actually threatened to take legal action against the Daily Beast in the comment section! The Daily Beast subsequently removed Peter Quennell’s comment and left the comment calling him a bully.

Quennell's actions make it obvious that he is a compulsive liar. In his latest rant on his website, he makes the claim that he is actually the one trying to protect the young woman he has victimized.  In his feeble attempts to defend his repulsive actions, he claims that the young woman was tricked into revealing the emails between the two and she "rejects" me as much as he does.  This couldn’t be further from the truth and Quennell knows this; yet he chooses to lie anyways, even when it’s obvious.  The most pathetic part of his lies is that even when trying to cover for himself, he can’t help but disgustingly attack this young woman even after his behavior has been exposed. His comments suggest that he is still in contact with his victim which is untrue. Although Quennell has emailed baseless threats, he has been ignored.  

The real story is quite simple:  I arranged a meeting for the young woman with a private investigator who helped her get in touch with the proper authorities. Detectives contacted Quennell and put a stop to his behavior toward the young woman.  Of course, Quennell knows all this as well, but has been lying to even his own readers.

It is understandable why Quennell would lie to his ever shrinking group of followers. Everything I wrote about him is true, and thus his only option is to attempt to lie his way out of it. Quennell needs to stop the lies and consult with an actual attorney. 

Finally, I would like to address the recent threat by Peter Quennell that he has a defamation lawsuit against me in the works.  For those who don’t know, Quennell has long claimed to have a high powered “attorney” that I need to fear because this “attorney” has taken down the mafia. I don’t doubt that perhaps Peter Quennell has met a high powered attorney in his lifetime, but at this point it has become glaringly obvious he has no attorney representing him.

How do we know he has no attorney?  Because if Quennell actually had an attorney who knew anything about defamation law, he would also know he has no case.  Fortunately, Injustice in Perugia has several attorneys that have given me the tools to explain to him why we are not afraid of any of Peter Quennell’s baseless claims of defamation.

The biggest reason we aren’t worried is because truth is an absolute defense against a defamation claim.  Everything I’ve written about Quennell is absolutely true, and Quennell knows this as well.  Furthermore, in cases of libel, the burden is on the plaintiff to show the allegedly defamatory statement is actually false.  Good luck with that one Peter.

Quennell also knows that were he foolish enough to file a lawsuit, he would be exposing himself to pretrial discovery, risking even further humiliation.  Moreover, were Quennell to file a lawsuit, he would likely be deposed and face cross-examination by an experienced attorney.  If entered into evidence, these depositions would all become part of the public record.  If you have read Quennell’s emails, it is obvious he would be his own worst witness.  And, unlike his blog where no one questions a word he says, he would be forced to answer questions under oath, something I imagine he is quite afraid of.  We at Injustice in Perugia would be more than happy to have this opportunity.

But there are many more reasons why Quennell has no case.  By his own admission, he is a public figure and should expect this level of scrutiny.  He has even boasted about appearing in hundreds of television shows and newspapers.  At one point, he boastfully declared himself the most high profile person in the case not named Anne Bremner (these kinds of assertions are ridiculous of course).

Of course, the list goes on and on concerning Peter’s horrible case for defamation----but you get the point.  Injustice in Perugia is pretty well satisfied that Quennell has made up the fact that he has some high powered attorney.   But in the off chance this attorney is real, he is giving Peter Quennell terrible advice.

We here at Injustice in Perugia will not be deterred by Peter Quennell’s baseless threats and will continue to monitor and scrutinize his actions as we see fit.  As long as he continues to harass and threaten average people, whether it be connected to the case or not, we refuse to simply turn the other cheek.