Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Truth Behind the Online Hate Campaign Against Amanda Knox

I recently posted an article discussing the hate campaign that continues against Amanda Knox in the media. In this article I highlighted journalist Andrea Vogt's bias in the case. People were shocked to find out that Andrea used Perugia Murder File (PMF) as a means of collecting information for her articles. Andrea went as far as to use one of PMF's posters as an "expert" in an article in 2009. Please view the updated article below.

The original article was recently posted on Peggy Ganong (moderator of PMF) went on a  manic campaign to remove the article. She posted upwards of 100 comments on the article in that time frame. Every word in the article is truthful and backed by documentation. Technorati removed the article because they host a "soapbox" environment and it's easier for them to avoid controversy. Keep in mind that the article was approved by Technorati's staff. They took the easy road on this one. If the article remained online, they would have had to deal with Peggy Ganong's relentless email and phone campaign. Peggy is known to flood email accounts with messages until she's heard. Technorati doesn't have a horse in the race so they simply removed themselves completely. I find it unfortunate that Technorati was so easily influenced by a hate group.

I have been very critical of Peter Quennell. As detailed in the article below, Peter runs the True Justice site. I personally feel he has an obsession with Meredith Kercher that prevents him from seeing reality. He even took a liking to the actress that played Meredith in the recent Lifetime movie while berating the other actors. Peter's obsessions don't appear to be limited to Meredith Kercher and other attractive women that have been murdered.

This post was edited to protect a stalking victim. Peter Quennell is a known stalker. Please use caution when dealing with him. 

I am not looking to investigate Peter Quennell and Peggy Ganong. I make no effort to invade their private lives and I honestly have no interest in knowing them. I am bringing light to their actions online and their campaign of misinformation. I feel it's very important for people to know what fuels the current hate campaign against Amanda Knox. I believe all information should be made available and the public can decide who is credible. Peggy Ganong's frantic attempts to silence me are very telling. She is also going to great lengths to find out who I am. Unfortunately her group's actions have prevented me from being more public. I have a wonderful family. I cannot afford to have my wife and children exposed to the behavior that Peggy Ganong's group and Peter Quennell are known for. I have heard personal accounts of those who have been stalked by Peter Quennell. I would urge caution when dealing with him. Peggy should be less concerned about who Bruce Fisher is and more concerned about her own actions. All information provided by Injustice in Perugia is fully supported by facts and credible expert opinion.

I am well aware that hateful posters can be seen on both sides of this debate. Injustice in Perugia doesn't allow these comments on any website we operate. Inappropriate comments are deleted as soon as we see them. Not only does PMF refuse to delete hateful comments, they openly encourage posters who leave them.

I do not intend on discussing Peter Quennell or Peggy Ganong here any further. I will continue to call out journalists that use either one of them as a source for credible information.

Here is my most recent article on this topic. 
Dishonest reporting on the Amanda Knox Case continues to fuel Anti-Knox Campaign

As the appeal trial for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito slowly crawls forward in Perugia Italy, dishonest reporting continues to flood the news cycle. The most recent headlines for Amanda Knox highlight a comment she made to her mother during a conversation in prison. The headlines shout "I was there" or "She was there." Some will say this is perfectly acceptable because the source is credible. The headline was handed out by Italy's Supreme Court. In an unfortunate move, the Italian Supreme Court took Amanda's statement out of context and included it in the judge's report on Rudy Guede.

Anyone that has followed this case knows that Amanda's statement was not incriminating. When the words are put into context, Amanda was telling her mother she was at her boyfriend's apartment. Amanda was not talking about the crime scene. She spent the night at Raffaele's. As reported by Candace Dempsey, this explanation has already been accepted by a lower court and the statement was not used against Amanda in her own trial. It did come up one time during her testimony when Amanda's lawyer asked her to clarify the meaning. The court obviously agreed that Amanda's explanation was truthful because it was never mentioned again.

Why did the Supreme Court feel the need to add this little tidbit of information in Guede's report? Why would this information be released to the public in this fashion during Amanda's ongoing appeal? Why did Andrea Vogt decide to ignore the facts regarding "I was there" when she wrote about the judge's report? Andrea was in court during Amanda's testimony. Why did she omit this information? It was her article that spawned several others and I am sure more will soon follow.

Why would any credible journalist willingly omit information from an article of this nature? I believe the only reason would be to smear Amanda Knox. Is that Andrea's job? Andrea's recent work leads me to believe that may indeed be the case. In an article titled "Knox is no Innocent," Andrea judges Amanda's character based on her doodles and eyebrow movements. She was able to remember those fine details during her court visits but somehow forgot about Amanda's testimony discussing the "I was there" comment. I highly doubt Andrea had a mental lapse. The omission was obviously intentional.

Articles like Andrea's help to fuel the Amanda Knox hate campaign that has gone on for far too long. Much of this hatred is spewed online. You will see this in comment sections of articles throughout the internet, in book reviews on, and in various blogs and commentaries. This online behavior is not unique to this case. People pop up on articles on all topics and post vile comments. That is the reality of anonymity online. Those comments are usually one and done, written simply for shock value. When you look closer at this case, you will see a far more organized effort. You will see that a group has actually come together with the sole purpose of destroying Amanda Knox. They don’t come out and say this or course. They claim their mission is to preserve the memory of Meredith Kercher. I would usually commend any group for creating a website as a memorial to Meredith. If this group is trying to preserve Meredith's memory, they sure have a strange way of showing it.

The group I am referring to assembles on a website called Perugia Murder File (PMF). They also run a so called informational site called True Justice (TJMK). Seattle resident Peggy Ganong is one of the moderators of PMF. It just so happens that Peggy Ganong and Andrea Vogt are friends.

Andrea Vogt gave PMF a voice in an article as early as May, 2008. Andrea can also be seen in a documentary posing in front of her computer browsing through Perugia Murder File as well as True Justice. One of Andrea's most concerning connections with Peggy Gonang's website relates to Andrea using PMF as a resource to seek out expert opinion. Andrea used the "expert" opinion of Laura Wray who posts as "Nicki" on PMF in her article "Slaying trial to begin for Knox, former boyfriend" in 2009. Laura Wray does not have the credentials to report as an expert. More importantly, she has shown extreme bias in this case. She had been posting for months about Amanda's guilt before Andrea decided to quote her. Using PMF as a resource to solicit expert opinion is simply bad reporting.

Those who support TJMK/PMF are often referred to as pro-guilt or guilters. Many names have been given to those who support Amanda and Raffaele. The most recent one would be FOAker, using the Friends of Amanda acronym. I will refer to members of TJMK/PMF as guilters in this article just to keep things simple.

I understand those who feel that Amanda and Raffaele are guilty will voice their opinion. Convictions have consequences, wrongful or otherwise. Amanda and Raffaele were convicted in a court of law and people have the right to voice their opinion. Even though Italy's system differs from the United States with regard to guilt, I understand those in the United States that consider their initial conviction as a sign of guilt. In Italy you are not considered guilty until all of your appeals are exhausted. It's a normal reaction for Americans to view it differently due to our court process. This is yet another repercussion of the wrongful convictions. I am a reasonable person and certainly don’t expect everyone to agree with my position. The guilters actions have a far more hate driven goal than to simply voice their opinion.

Guilters go to great lengths to attack Amanda Knox’s family members. Contests are held on the discussion board to see who can come up with the most sarcastic tagline for photos of Amanda’s family. Amanda's parents are constantly attacked for supporting their daughter. A PMF member named "Macport" made a photo collage of Amanda’s sister crying at different stages of the trial simply to mock her. They don’t stop with the adults in the family either. Both of Amanda’s youngest sisters have been targeted on Peggy Ganong’s website. Photos of the two have been posted on their discussion board and members of the group, such as Julia Perez (Jools), a cyberstalking PMF member from Spain, have even made efforts to view their facebook accounts. When questioned about this behavior the group claimed to be looking out for the children's safety. Two PMF members, Windfall and Earthling, recently suggested that the girls were "acting" when they showed emotion for their older sister. These are innocent children being targeted by a group that claims to be running a site dedicated to Meredith Kercher. Peggy Ganong defends her website by claiming the posters have the right to express free speech.

The attacks on Amanda's family exhibit the most disturbing behavior of this group but many others are on their radar. The group does not hesitate to attack anyone who disagrees with them. Retired FBI agent Steve Moore has been targeted for speaking on behalf of Amanda and Raffaele. Even worse, his family has come under attack. Steve's daughter had her facebook account cloned in an attempt to impersonate her online. Letters were also sent to Steve’s former employer in an attempt to interfere with a current legal matter. A PMF member named "SomeAlibi" stated that his goal in life was “to bring down Steve Moore." On one occasion, when the discussion on PMF entailed Steve Moore's past in infiltrating a white supremacist group, Peggy Ganong actually insinuated that he might be a white supremacist himself. When recently questioned about her comment, she stood by her statement. Peggy Ganong also bragged about scoping out the Knox's home. When recently questioned about driving by the Knox home, Peggy claimed that she just happened to pass by the house on the way to another destination. Never mind the fact that she counted their shrubs to see just how much the Knox family may or may not spend on landscaping. I guess Peggy views that as normal behavior from someone that just happens to be passing by. Peggy likes to look at herself as a victim. In fact, she has accused me of libel for bringing her actions to light. It takes very little research to see that Peggy is the aggressor, not the victim. Truth is an absolute defense against charges of libel. Everything I write is backed up by documentation. Peggy Ganong is trapped in her own words. I would like to know how Peggy Gonang's website preserves the memory of Meredith Kercher.

New Jersey resident Peter Quennell runs the True Justice website. TJMK and PMF work hand in hand. True Justice offers up amateur analysis of the case. A poster called "The Machine" dissects the words of Amanda and Raffaele and creates lies from truth. A poster called "Kermit" uses sarcasm in a series of powerpoints to prove his case. You will not see Kermit’s powerpoint presentations on any credible news program or printed in any respectable publication. You will not see The Machine’s analysis featured anywhere else either. The same is true for all of their contributors. Why? Because their position isn’t supported by facts.

Peter Quennell does nothing to hide his obsession with Meredith Kercher on his website. It appears to me that he has an obsession with attractive women that have been murdered. Photos of Natalee Holloway, Elizabeth Mandala, Laci Peterson, and Sonia Marra are posted. When I first visited the site, something just didn't feel right about it. After I read a few posts, I realized it was outright creepy. He had this to say about me when he felt the need to talk about my daughter:

"Hmmm. Someone now tells me that Bruce Fisher who runs some FOA website claims to have a daughter. I have never paid much interest in him, but one has to wonder why he is slobbering kinkily over Amanda Knox while at the same time undermining those public institutions that are the bedrock of the future of his daughter and, when she has them, her own kids."

Even though many of the people that support Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are women, Peter Quennell, and others in his group, like to spread lies that the support comes primarily from middle aged men that are attracted to Amanda. This line of thinking is disgusting, but not surprising. These people are simply reflecting on their own obsessions when they describe others.

Guilters go to great lengths to attempt to discredit the support that Amanda receives. One of their favorite tactics is to exaggerate the scope of the PR firm hired by Amanda's parents. It’s time to put the lies about the “million dollar” PR campaign to rest. Amanda’s parents hired David Marriott to organize interviews with the press. They have every right to publicly defend their daughter. They did absolutely nothing wrong by hiring a firm to help them with a situation that was very new to them.

Misinformation regarding the PR firm has led some to believe that the support Amanda receives is all orchestrated and paid for. This is not true. Large groups of people have come together in support of Amanda and Raffaele. No one is being paid for their efforts. I created the website Injustice in Perugia. A grassroots organization has developed from this effort that continues to grow every day. I have never had any association with any PR firm with regard to this case. My voice is independent along with many others including various experts that have come together to fight the injustice committed against Amanda and Raffaele.

For reasons I cannot explain (other than perhaps a deep-seated obsession), guilters like to view facebook accounts of those who contribute to Injustice in Perugia, often posting screenshots of the accounts on their site. These are not the actions of a group that came together to preserve the memory of a murder victim. These are the actions of vindictive people that have built up a hatred for others they don’t even know. It's time for TJMK/PMF to stop misrepresenting their position. They need to stop stating that they started their site to pay tribute to Meredith and come clean with the truth. If this case was investigated properly, Rudy Guede would have been convicted as the lone attacker. This case would not have received worldwide attention. Peter Quennell and Peggy Ganong most likely would never have heard of Meredith Kercher and they certainly would not have created a website in her honor. Common sense tells you their group was created to spew hatred at Amanda and Raffaele. Nothing more, nothing less.

Please keep this in mind when reading anything posted online that directly attacks Amanda and Raffaele. Please consider the source.

Why give a hate group attention? I feel it's important for people to realize the hatred they see being spewed at Amanda and Raffaele comes from a very small group of people. The internet is a wonderful tool. It brings information at lightning speed. The benefits highly outweigh the negatives, but the internet also has the power to deceive. One person can be made to appear as a group or a small group can be made to appear as a larger group offering a general consensus. TJMK/PMF is a small group. Many that initially signed up on their sites have moved on. I would imagine that most people quickly see that the sites are misrepresenting themselves. Those that remain have fully bought into the groups true intentions.

I believe TJMK/PMF has caused damage throughout the internet. They do this by spreading misinformation anywhere and everywhere they can. They do this using various screen names but the most notorious has been “Harry Rag.” The person posting as Harry Rag is one of the group's main contributors. On TJMK/PMF he is known as "The Machine." His actions are fully supported by Peggy Ganong and Peter Quennell.

Harry spends a great deal of time cutting and pasting lies and misinformation anywhere and everywhere he can. If you ask me, those two terms are one in the same. In my opinion, if you knowingly post misinformation or intentionally post statements out of context to try and manipulate a different result then you are telling lies. Hiding behind a fictitious name while posting lies and misinformation for the sole purpose of harming others is the behavior of a coward.

There are no standards set for blogs and opinion websites. As vile as the hate campaign run by TJMK/PMF is, there isn't much that can be done about it. Journalists must be held at a higher standard. We must not allow journalists like Andrea Vogt to write whatever they like without consequence. We need integrity from those who claim to be journalists.