Thursday, June 2, 2011

Disturbing emails expose Anti-Amanda Knox blogger Peter Quennell

Peter Quennell

I wrote an article earlier this month detailing the sexual obsession that has overshadowed the Amanda Knox case. The article included disturbing information about Peter Quennell regarding his treatment of a young woman. This article has been updated to include email experts showing Quennell's reprehensible behavior. Quennell owns and operates the website, a website that claims to exist for the sole purpose of preserving the memory of Meredith Kercher. Meredith was murdered in Perugia, Italy, in late 2007. Three people currently stand convicted for her murder, Rudy Guede, Raffaele Sollecito, and Amanda Knox. This case has been highly controversial, leading many to believe that Amanda and Raffaele are innocent. As the appeal moves forward in Perugia, Italy, for Amanda and Raffaele, the truth is clear for anyone who is willing to see it, Amanda and Raffaele had absolutely nothing to do with Meredith's death. Rudy Guede murdered Meredith Kercher and he acted alone.

The support for Amanda Knox has angered a small group who believe in her guilt. This group has gathered online to challenge those who are working to correct the injustice committed against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. The two primary leaders of this group are New Jersey resident, Peter Quennell, and Seattle resident, Peggy Ganong. Quennell and Ganong each have a website and both work hand in hand. The group's claim that they gather to preserve the memory of Meredith Kercher is not supported by their actions. Their actions suggest they exist for one purpose, and that is to spew hatred at Amanda Knox, her family, and her supporters. The group is often referred to as "pro-guilt" or "guilters."

Accusing people of defamation is a common battle cry of the pro-guilt group. They use this tactic in order to distract people from the truth. I have been repeatedly accused of libel by Peter Quennell. I was mentioned just this week in one of his posts on his website. Quennell needs to realize that the truth is the number one defense against accusations of libel. Everything I put in print is well documented and backed by facts.

Quennell seems to believe that I am somehow bound by Italian law and he predicts that I will end up in an Italian prison. He recently posted this bizarre comment on his website:

"Our lawyers are seeing “Bruce Fisher” facing judgments of millions or even tens of millions for his unceasing series of defamations. With luck he ends up in an Italian jail""  "

Another tactic of the pro-guilt group is to attack supporters of Amanda Knox in an attempt to not only silence them but to disrupt their lives. They have repeatedly sought out personal information for Amanda's supporters and have even gone as far as to contact their employers on numerous occasions.

Just this week Quennell's group targeted a teacher and his students for creating a video in support of Amanda Knox. Quennell's website posted contact information for the school and even posted a photo of the school's principal. Peggy Ganong's website joined in on the battle cry encouraging members to write emails and to send letters. Of course the teacher they chose to attack is an excellent teacher and has done nothing wrong but that won't stop Quennel from encouraging his followers to harass him at his workplace for simply believing in the innocence of Amanda Knox.

You can read more about Quennell's group here.
Injustice in Perugia does not shy away from criticizing those responsible for the wrongful convictions of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. We are also quick call out people online who post misinformation and outright lies about the case and also those who go out of their way to attack the family of Amanda Knox and her supporters. We have worked tirelessly to make sure that the truth about this case is heard and we have done so without maliciously prying into the private lives of those who disagree with our position. No matter how vile our detractor's actions have been, we have never resorted to their reprehensible tactics.

The actions of the pro-guilt group crossed the line of common decency long ago but most recently the group has further ramped up their attacks. The behavior of Peter Quennell has been most disturbing. Injustice in Perugia believes that information we have recently acquired about Quennell must not remain private. We believe his behavior is dangerous and we feel that we have an obligation to report the details to the public. For this reason we have made an exception to the rule when it comes to releasing personal information.  Those who continue to support Quennell should be made aware of his conduct so they can take the proper precautions to protect themselves.

Peter Quennell, has shown a disturbing obsession with Meredith Kercher. Not only does Quennell post many photos of Meredith on his website, he also writes creepy articles about Meredith, a complete stranger, imagining what she would be doing if she was still alive. Quennell also takes interest in several other young murdered women. Photos of Natalee Holloway, Elizabeth Mandala, Laci Peterson, and Sonia Marra are posted. Quennell limits his coverage to young women. No male victims are discussed.

Quennell's obsession with young women may seem harmless on his website but he took his obsession a step farther when he stalked a young woman looking to gain her trust and friendship. When she refused his advances, he attempted to extort money from her.

Quennell attempted to work his way into a young woman's life by luring her into a business deal in which he would create a promotional website to help build her career. She was new to the United States and Quennell's offer sounded pretty good in the beginning. Quennell proceeded to create a website telling the young woman that he was creating the site free of charge to show her the benefits of his promotional expertise. The site included many personal details of the young woman's life and she did not approve. The young woman was shocked at the website Quennell had created and also became concerned (and was warned by at least one friend) that his interest in her was not solely business-related. Quennell's emails were at times sexual in nature, repeatedly asking for her to take trips with him. He refused to cease communications with her when asked, and he appeared to her to be obsessed.

The young woman asked Quennell to take the website offline but he refused, demanding money to remove it. Quennell sent the young woman hundreds of emails encouraging (pressuring) her to work with him. This disturbing daily barrage of emails led the young woman to become afraid of Quennell. With the help of a private investigator she decided to go to the police. It was only after being contacted by detectives that Quennell finally removed the website ending this young woman's nightmare. 

Quennell has been instructed by the police to have absolutely no contact with this young woman. In fact, if, as a result of this article or any other catalyst, Quennell decides to disobey the instructions of the police and contact or harass this young woman, or repost the offensive website he created, he knows that he will be in violation of stalking laws, and will be subject to arrest. 

I know of other women that have been mistreated by Quennell that have chosen to stay silent for personal reasons. I encourage anyone that has been wronged by Peter Quennell to come forward. Exposing the truth will help to prevent Quennell from mistreating others in the future. Peter Quennell is one of the leaders of the ongoing hate campaign against Amanda Knox. If this information doesn't cause readers to pause and reevaluate what kind person Peter Quennell is and how credible his website is, nothing will.

Quennell sent hundreds of emails to his victim, sometimes fifteen or more in a single day. The young woman that Quennell stalked and tried to extort money from is in her early 20's (Quennell is approximately three times her age). She has only been in the United States for a short period of time and is still in the process of learning the English language. She is here in the United States pursuing her career. Her personal information will not be revealed by Injustice in Perugia, as these details are not necessary to detail the reprehensible behavior exhibited by Quennell. The young woman will be referred to as "Jane" and her career will be described as that of a "Dancer."

Here is a small sample of disturbing excerpts from Quennell's emails that caused Jane to quickly become uncomfortable with the "business" relationship between the two:

"But if I never meet your family and friends that is also just fine with me.  8-)  if you think it best  it remains a big secret, that could be a very good idea!"

"I should be back soon to looking way better than you have been seeing me! Your looking after yourself puts me to shame."

"I should tell you much more about myself. Women have always flocked to me for comfort and protection."

"Hope thought you should be eager by now to show that you trust me, not give me a hard time over small matters. She does kinda have a point. Please email me the address? I wont ever use it, never fear. She doesnt know about the phone number. Better we keep it that way."

"I dont much like hugging, but kissing on the cheek is something everybody does and all my women friends more or less insist on it. Hope gets a kiss on the cheek 10-20 times daily. You are the first woman ever to refuse and to even seem a bit horrified. And yet at the same time you shared a bed with Joan when you did not have to. If you are lesbian, I have no problem with lesbians - my best woman friend in UN is a lesbian and I know many - and I will keep it a secret forever if you want."

"You are a good chick. A very good chick. Tigress, you could go a long way. Just love you in those boots by the way."

"Also please ask me anything you like about my sex life and my relations with women, that is only fair and you too should be able to expect no surprises."

"For most of my life I was really very good looking (like you)(and Hope) or so I was told like 5000 times! So I was always being grabbed, and I hardly ever really appreciated it."

"I should not have told you we have separate bedrooms at home! At least without going on a while longer. You'd be surprised how many men and women especially if they are rich and have large homes prefer to have their own space. It is not necessarily a sign that they are short of sex or never spend the night in one another's arms."

"By the way, you and I were alone together in a room, and I was amused that you didnt even seem to notice. You were very relaxed, in fact, and I really liked and appreciated that. Remember where?"
"PS I'm looking way better too. Brown and really quite fit.More of that to come."

The emails referenced above can be read in their entirety below. As you read through the emails you will see that Quennell starts out very friendly. He frequently brags about his prowess with women, and his looks. He compliments Jane for not being suspicious of him. When Jane doesn't respond just the way Quennell wants, he gets angry.
You will see that Quennell frequently mentions his wife to support his position. I highly doubt that Quennell's wife knows any of the details regarding the "relationship" Quennell thought he was building with Jane. In fact on several occasions Quennell mentions that it's best that his wife does not know certain details.
Quennell offered Jane money on several occasions to help her through the tough times as she built her career. Jane told him repeatedly that her parents would help her financially. After repeated offers from Quennell, Jane accepted a cash gift from him to pay her rent. Quennell told her it was a gift that she did not have to pay back. From the tone of Quennell's future emails it was clear that he felt that the cash gift gave him a certain power over Jane.
Quennell convinced Jane and her friend to meet him in San Francisco to take photographs and video for the website he was creating to promote Jane's career. This trip seemed to give Quennell a false sense that he was making progress with his quest to become closer to Jane. The emails that followed contained topics of a sexual nature.
Jane became increasingly alarmed when Quennell kept moving forward as if their business relationship was a secret. She had no idea why anything should be a secret. She was also very uncomfortable with topics of a sexual nature that Quennell was sending in his emails. As you read through the emails it is very clear that Quennell was looking for more than a business relationship. Quennell repeatedly mentions his own looks, suggests to Jane that it is perfectly normal if she wants to ask him questions about his sex life, and even goes as far as to let Jane know that he and his wife sleep in different beds.
Quennells inappropriate emails were enough for Jane to realize that Quennell had other intentions and she politely suggested that they end their business relationship. This led Quennell to email Jane repeatedly with no response, refusing to give up on contact with her. Keep in mind the emails being presented here are a small sample of the hundreds of emails Quennell sent to Jane. You will see multiple occasions where Quennell tries different methods to entice Jane to email him back.
The constant emails along with the fact that Quennell frequently attended events where Jane was performing led Jane to fear for her safety. Jane was also very unhappy with the website that Quennell had designed for her. The site contained photographs of her family, childhood photos, and personal information that Jane had specifically asked to be omitted from the site.
Jane built up the courage to respond to Quennell and even though he had harassed her with dozens of emails, she remained polite as she suggested to him that they end their business relationship. She asked him to take the website offline and suggested that they go their separate ways.
Quennell became angry and threatened Jane's career, her citizenship, and her future, looking for anything that would help him gain control. He refused to take the website offline and even demanded the money back that he gave her as a gift. He was relentless with the emails sending ten to fifteen a day. The stress was too much for Jane and she decided to try and ignore his emails and accept the fact that the website that she did not approve of remained online.
While browsing through Quennell's websites, I became suspicious about the website designed for Jane. I couldn't imagine that Jane would have approved of the unprofessional website that Quennell had created. After seeing Quennell's behavior on his True Justice website, I decided to contact Jane to see if she approved of the website Quennell created. After Jane's initial shock that someone was contacting her to help her escape from her ongoing nightmare, she agreed to accept help to have the website created by Quennell taken offline. I put her in contact with a private investigator that helped her file a report with the authorities in her State. The detectives assigned to her case immediately saw that Quennell was attempting to extort money from Jane by threatening to keep the website online indefinitely. Quennell was contacted by the authorities to take the website offline immediately and was told to have no contact with Jane or he would face arrest.
Here is a small sample of dialogue between Peter Quennell and Jane. We are releasing a very small sample so that we can protect the privacy of Quennell's victim. All private information has been removed. The friend's name has also been changed to protect her privacy.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Hi Jane

Lunch was fun!! Seriously interesting for me and I think very exciting potential for you.

Do you have any time for us before you go to LA? What about lunchtime this or next sunday? If you like I can pick up you and the girl you live with, and we can drive outside Manhattan, maybe to Greenwich.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Hi Jane
Helsinki already? Great! Don't return empty handed... just kidding! It sounds like you have already started on the project. I really smiled at that. I wont let you down with my contribution.

I hope my suggestions for shots around Helsinki were okay. And forgive me if I emphasize this again? Some video of you would do best of all. 

First, video can become YouTubes if you like the sequence.

Second, video is really good for the best still images for weksites. I can easily grab and process dozens of good images to post from a few minutes of video.

And you know far better than I do that your great talent is motion and those times I saw you in (dance) (nine times) and at the stage door (4-5 times) you were always in motion. You do take nice still shots and posed shots and model shots but I think motion shots show you off best of all. 

Photographers who photograph models often tell them to keep moving. This image of you in motion at bottom remains my favorite and it is like you are really soaring 

Below again: was that Swan Lake, by the way? And I wonder which version you prefer? I have been studying 4-5 videos of Swan Lakes and have a very strong favorite but I'd like to hear your choice first.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Subject: Re: Hi from Europe

One more PS for now Jane?

There will be many of your friends and family in the Helsinki videos and photos,  right?!

Jane Wrote:

No, my parents don't want to be involved in that. And also I don't think it's a good idea to bring everyone from my life to this project. The website is mainly for [my career], right? So I don't think we should bring everything on that site.I don't want people to know every single thing about me. I want it to stay pretty much in [my career]. A little bit more maybe, but no family and no boyfriends. It's not necessary at all..


The next email is Quennell's response to Jane's concern that Quennell is following her around to her different events.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Subject: You wonder why I was at the stage door?!

Does it seem a bit peculiar?! That thought made me laugh. They are peculiar, those people, though all of them very nice and I like the shy young girls that wait.

Well, the reason is we go to a lot of shows, and we have found most actors just love to chat later. My list of big stars who I chatted with must be hundreds of names long.

The Geneva girls wanted to go to the stage door and so we were there four times last year - we never talked with any dancers but we liked to see them close up and to hear them.

This year I continued to go to the stage door without them (they couldnt come over - not enough money - though I offered to pay!)

I saw you come out each time, but didnt ever think to talk. Then I wanted that signature (they have it) and I upset you (or so I thought) and I wrote and you wrote and we began.

The reason I am so driven to do a good site for you is not only your presence and your talent - but also how incredibly unfair was this layoff. That should never have happened to you.

I laughed when you said in an interview you might have to marry an American to stay. I am sure you will! But the website is there just to be quite sure that you do!!

In a way, I guess I am offering to be your sponsor - but the website will be far better than cash. It could give you a lifetime of happy careers. My small gift back.

In the email below Peter comments on his improved appearance.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

I should be back soon to looking way better than you have been seeing me! Your looking after yourself puts me to shame.

Thanks for that. I really needed it.

In the email below Quennell mentions that it's nice that Jane is not suspicious of him. He also suggests that they keep their relationship a secret from her family.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Long before I ever met you I knew you had a fascinating talent, and (from looking at the internet) maybe not too much help in doing the "non-dancer" things (did you see how many people [edit] had around her?!)

Its quite natural that I offer to boost you - its what I have always done ("grow value") which is to boost people and groups, in the UN and also in the US and so on - and I am really very good at it, thousands of successes and no failures.

And its really nothing different from what I already offer to the Geneva 4. I give them some beds in NYC and drive them around, and send them news and advice to Geneva, and buy them tickets to [shows].

One of the really nice things about you is how you seem to accept this without suspicion. Your success means a lot to me and that is absolutely enough for me, all I really want out of this, no new friends or glory.

I have often offered to meet your family and friends because it worked out so well when I did that with the Geneva 4 and it is one option if you want to explain why you and me are working together.

But if I never meet your family and friends that is also just fine with me.  8-)  All the time I will try to do what is most helpful to your success and if you think it best  it remains a big secret, that could be a very good idea!

See ya. More tonight - if they have internet in these remote places... No moose seen yet but I hope!

The next few emails discuss the trip Quennell organized for Jane and her friend.
Peter Quennell Wrote:

Ha ha!Thesemsgs are starting to cross one another! Maybe I should only write every 3 days.

When I wrote to you about the trip (please check back?) I said Hope had to fly back early (I said that on Rockefeller Center too) and I asked you 2-3 times to bring someone so you would be relaxed. I even suggested maybe Joan.

If you and Joan have only a week available I think we should do it another time. Yes we can drive LA to NYC in 5-6 days via Vegas and the scenery, but that leaves you no time for LA and LA could be really important for future gigs.

What might be best now is I drive back alone, I get the Esmeralda YouTube up on AA and any new photos and interviews, I maybe come to a Nutcracker to get some new video, and I get you a ticket to LA in the fall.

I hate that you worry about money. When you need some please give me any mailing address? 

That Esmeralda is so wonderful. You are such a natural. I am really pleased to be helping a little. (I am also pretty amazed! )

Jane Wrote: 

I don't want you to worry about my money situation. I'm trying to save as much as I can.

In the email below Quennell seems to confuse business with pleasure. It's still subtle at this point.
Peter Quennell Wrote:

So I talked you and Joan out of the trip? All day I hoped you would argue! Maybe for the best. Career must come first, we both agree. But if you do find time free tell me by middle of next week and I'll send air tkts for two. Best city would be San Francisco 18 or 19 September and we'd be home 25 or 26 September. Route could be from SF via Yosemite and Death Valley to Vegas, then the Utah canyons, Grand Canyon, more canyons, Colorado Rockies, and plains. Many shots and much talk and laughing..

In the email below Quennell discusses giving Jane money. Once again, he suggests this should be done in secret. The fact that Quennell wants to sneak around bothers Jane and she responds explaining that there is no need for secrecy.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Wow! Okay consider the trip back on! S-F is wonderful and starting from there means I drive less and we see more. More later on the details, but I really dont think you'll regret it, the scenery will absolutely stun you (even most Americans havent seen it) and I'm very experienced at being on the road and good fun to travel with - and we have a great car. Poor Joan will have to listen to us talk 24/7! Just kidding.

Reason I seemed to blow hot and cold was this: I did not want to drag you all across America if what you really wanted was to be in LA and Santa Barbara. You are very smart and have good instincts, and I try all the time to read your mind, which seems my best way to help you. So I was only gently testing what you really wanted to do..  maybe I could have been more gentle!

Peter Quennell Wrote:
Thanks Jane. This is great. It is going to be really productive, and you are just gonna love this new place, SF is one of the most fun cities in the world, and you may want to come back again and again..Great [dance] there too.

The Newark to SF tickets will come through, I promise. I leave it rather late to buy them because prices then drop sharply. (You can always call me [edit] from any phone if you think I am leaving it too late!)

Also I will book rooms at the airport (hotels there are nice and the airport is really handy to all of the city and the parking very easy) and tell you which hotel, so if I am delayed (unlikely) you can head over there in a taxi.

I know you will need more cash soon so we could take care of that at the start. Maybe when Joan goes off to the restroom! I dont know if she knows but it seems smart and nice for you if its always just between us two.

Seems to me you should never say no. [edit] has quite an entourage and gets all the help, management, promotion and funding she needs so she can concentrate more on the dance. I'm convinced you are equally as interesting.

You'll need a photo ID at the airport but you know that, I think.
Jane wrote:

Ok, sounds very good. Could you let me know as soon as you find a hotel, 'cause we would like to know asap where we are going to stay, thanks.
I don't think we have to keep cash-thing in secret. Joan knows every single thing about me, and also that I don't have money, we are both in the same situation, so she would find out it anyways when I suddenly have more cash, heh. But it's up to you, if you don't want her to know, I understand.
We are very excited about this trip. Let me know as soon as possible all the details, so we won't have to worry.


In the next email Quennell works to gain Jane's trust by booking in a different hotel. He lets her know that many women find comfort in his presence.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

PS Okay now I am booked in a separate hotel. I always do try to read your mind and make you feel relaxed and confident in me, even if I dont always suceed.  :-(

I should tell you much more about myself. Women have always flocked to me for comfort and protection. My hostess's husband is away, so she's really thrilled I'm here..

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Thinking back on S-F it was real fun and good for us as a team - I was amused at all the things we both like: Europe, NYC, sushi,  radio channels and many other things.  I was also amused at your message yesterday responding to mine, which showed we now think pretty alike. I also suspect our intelligences and personalities are quite similar. All really encouraging.

Okay. To the idea. I was thinking all day. This might blow your mind. I hope it will. We can discuss next week. In my message last night I said this to you:

 Rent is no problem and you may as well face it, you need the investment from outside now so you can make the bigger income you are worth later. It is part of what we are trying to prove with the site - even dancers need a good business model, and this really is one.

As  I am now making quite an investment, I want to set it up so both of us never gets hurt by what anyone thinks or says. Remember I dont have your phone number or address and I guess I can live with that. But I have a real fear that I will sponsor you in a big way - and then suddenly you will stop emailing me and are gone and I never hear from you again. You know that could happen, if family or friends or colleagues get the wrong idea and they put pressure on you to quit.

And I also want to set it up so we both gain something really big out of it. You in particular should have a really successful career in several areas (modeling...) and end up with a pile of money to keep you going. Also US citizenship.

I think the best way to structure things safely and for a big income is for us both to share equally in a partnership or company for promoting the dancer and actress success model once we have success. These things are simple and quick to set up and they make things much clearer and more reliable and your poppa could watch over your interests.

You would do all we have talked about, as the first example of a big success, and so would I on the internet etc etc. Then when others with real talent want the same kind of promotional help (they are already asking) we do the same for them for some sort of fee; not much but not nothing and they would make much more than we ask.

There are several big advantages. I would be happier putting money in - and we could easily borrow more to grow. Neither of us could just disappear leaving the other hurt. You would become a manager of your own company, which always looks good and feels nice. You could actually tell everyone openly what we are doing instead of disguising or hiding it!!   8-)   Both of us could get an income from this, and after several years we could sell our company to a big group. Success story companies often sell for $10 million or more.

And most important for you:  it could get you US citizenship without you having to marry someone just for that purpose. I know couples where they married for citizenship and they are ALL unhappy. The one who gets the citizenship never ever stops feeling insecure and in debt to the other and just too scared to get a divorce if they want one.

Talk about this next week? And do feel free to consult with poppa. It may blow his mind too!!

Peter Quennell Wrote:

About the rent and costs for October. I am going to transfer all the funds you need (how much approx?) from my cash account with my strockbroker and I can do that mondaynigt or early tuesday. I dont know exactly when your rent is due (I think you told me) but I can do a fast electronic transfer to your bank or give you cash say on Tuesday afternoon.

Those new photos just stunned me. Again and again, I think I have seen it all with you - and then you go to new heights. You know I am not exactly new at watching dance and I mostly know what I am talking about. So....

Take care. Hi to our buddy Joan! Having her around is a definite plus for us both.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Why so few emails?

I have put a number of questions to you trying to ensure we both get into something that works happily.  I am puzzled you are not responding at all. I thought this week you would have plenty of time to think and write.

You know I am not controlling and that you can stand up to me and that I am not moving in on you. We are potentially very very good as a team.  But  I still have one concern and it is a big one, a make or break one. I know from bitter past experience it could kill everything for us, in about 10 seconds flat.

I am reluctant to explain this concern to you in an email, but my emails about your future dates and a possible business agreement at least as a good cover were to try to sound you out and take care of it.  But you did not write back.

Do please see if you can write a bit? You need to be saying your share here.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

I was going to Europe soon but maybe now because of this just a short trip. I would like to move fast for your sake, we have really good material thanks to you, finally enough to start telling the world.

We have both waited for this and it will be real fun. And you deserve this. You may not want to go there, but the full business model I mentioned could make you among the highest paid dancers, perhaps a Mercedes sportscar and penthouse in your 20s!!That made me laugh when I figured it out. All to be explained for you to choose.

To meet Tuesday afternoon is perfect for me. How much will you need for rent and living in October? The full amount? To have you relaxed and secure is vital to our project.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

On Tuesday we should figure out a plan for your needs through december, and I will meet it on schedule, so you can focus on what really matters.  8-)

Remember I was pretty stunned - and shocked at the fix you could have been in if I hadnt figured it out. I was also really pleased I did, because it gave me a chance to show I am very serious about making things work for you.

Remember it was you, the night before, who insisted I come and get you from the city, because guys drink and drive - and crash. That thought was not in my mind till you put it there - and so of course it was still there at 3:00 am sunday!!!!

In the email below Quennell presses Jane to give him her address. He asks her for her address repeatedly without success so he then tries to bring his wife into the equation.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Thanks for a nice meeting Jane

When I came home Hope asked (very nicely) what is up with helping Jane. I told her a few of the details and she thought the business model is a great one and you are just great as the star.

Then she became very shocked when I told her I will be making you big payments but do not know what your address is.  Sadly, like many employers in Manhattan, she will not hire any Russians any more, because they have let her down too many times. She says they have a reputation for taking and not giving. disappearing, or making big problems.

Hope thought you should be eager by now to show that you trust me, not give me a hard time over small matters. She does kinda have a point. Please email me the address? I wont ever use it, never fear.

She doesnt know about the phone number. Better we keep it that way. Have a nice time at Staten Island tomorrow. I will send the $2500 when you email back.

In the email below Quennell is irritated that Jane refused a kiss on the cheek.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Hi Jane

I dont much like hugging, but kissing on the cheek is something everybody does and all my women friends more or less insist on it. Hope gets a kiss on the cheek 10-20 times daily.

You are the first woman ever to refuse and to even seem a bit horrified. And yet at the same time you shared a bed with Joan when you did not have to.

If you are lesbian, I have no problem with lesbians - my best woman friend in UN is a lesbian and I know many - and I will keep it a secret forever if you want.

But I think we agree no surprises down the road and I would rather you tell me now. This could affect how we run the site and the image of you we promote.

In the emails below Quennell lets Jane  know that it is okay to ask him about his sex life and he pressed Jane to explain why she refused the kiss on her cheek.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Also please ask me anything you like about my sex life and my relations with women, that is only fair and you too should be able to expect no surprises.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

PS I will meet you today to discuss this if it is complicated and if you dont want to email a reply. But it is very much on my mind and I really would like an answer.

Jane's response to Quennell's questions about the kiss.

Jane wrote:  
Let me ask you one question.

This is business, right. So let's not go too personal. Ok?

We are only going to email about the site, dance and the people who are going to appear on in.


Quennell's furious response to Jane's email regarding the kiss.

Peter Quennell Wrote:


Okay let me run this past you again and hopefully we see things the same way if we keep trying. If not, then it's best we nicely say goodbye and I proceed with one of the other girls.

Right now we are at the point of go or no-go where I pay you the money and we begin. Although you call it simply business, you are not paying me anything, almost all the input is mine, almost all the gain is yours, and so it is not a normal kind of business at all. It is hopefully held together not by money but by a sort of mutual liking, friendship and trust..

It is obvious to everyone who sees it that the AA site is very respectful and promotes you as a sort of angel-like figure - never a sex symbol, although I suppose men do like angels for partners as well - and I have never urged you to be sexy, and I have never said that any of the images are sexy, and last night I even said posing nude could kill your possibilities.

Up to last friday night + saturday morning I had come to very deeply believe you were the dream candidate for that kind of site. I really was amazed.

Then although you still seem to wonder why, I was extremely shaken that you suddenly put everything at risk. Not just your risk but my risk. If you had been in a crash that night my life would have become a nightmare.

So for the moment, I dont trust you as much as I did.

Some trust rebuilding began last night. You reassured me that you see as well as I do the implications of your getting married for the wrong reasons.

Now about the kiss.

You acted very out of the ordinary over a peck on the cheek in a way any man would take to be peculiar if not insulting and really wonder about. I tried to stop warning bells going off, but I woke up in the night thinking WHY did she act that way.

It is not an issue of can I peck you on the cheek which matters little either way to me. It is that I mistrust the reason for that sharp rejection at a time when your instincts should be telling you: "I really must make the guy trust me".

Jane Wrote:


I don't know why you are making such a big deal about the kiss, but please try to understand that is nothing to do with you or with anyone else. It's just me, i'm not doing it and i'm not comfortable with it, at least yet. So don't take it personally.

In the email below Quennell tells Jane that the money he is giving her is hers to keep, not a loan.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

This is pretty good and very reassuring and touching and likable. I think that really is back to being the real you and I am really so relieved.

It was never the money. The size of the money to me is very small and my stocks go up and down more than that in a day.    

It may be made to look like a loan, but once transfered it is really yours forever. An investment in your success.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

 I know. And I am really glad you are excited. 8-)

I took the steps to transfer $5000 a few minutes ago. It may be there instantly. Any delay will be at your Chase bank.

If the money fails to make it for some reason, I will get cash from my account early tomorrow and meet you and hand it to you.

Jane wrote:  

Ok, sounds good. Oh, $5000? Why so?


Peter Quennell Wrote:

 Just so you can feel rich for a while! And liked, admired, wanted and trusted.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

PS Want to shoot some shots or video in Central Park sunday afternoon if it's sunny? I love it there then. If yes, bring Joan along!

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Hi Jane

Remember what Hope was concerned with? In effect that I pay you nearly $200 a day from now through december - and then you prove elusive and dont care..

I kept this Sunday free for you and gave you plenty of warning over several days. And at the last moment you let me down and say you are doing something else.

Sunday is always the best day for me to work with you because I have taken far too much time off work already, and given a lot of valuable time already to this project.

PS Jane

For better or worse I am judging you always against top people who made it! I have known plenty of top people and I am one myself and so is Hope.

It is possible you could be one too - I hope you will be a GREAT dancer and think you have the right talent - but please, you need to act smarter right now.

last night I got the wrong photos again. That should not really have happened. Please focus and be really helpful.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Hey Jane

Always fun talking business with you. We both left really smiling, good sign. And I was amused at you checking out the "competition" in Geneva! They make sure to keep me sweet with texts so they always have beds here at our place in New York. Sure is cheaper than hotels. Like you, they are multi-talented and fun and you will meet all of them.

I think your best possibilities for good income and good boyfriends and our business model part two will come from covergirl modeling. There may be room for only one celebrity dancer of this kind in the US and why should you not be her?!

I'm game for making some video next weekend or next week week at City Center or anywhere you want to go like Central Park and Battery Park. We are developing a whole new model here always remember and our photos need to be our own special kind and not like everyone elses.

What about YouTubes of you just sitting and talking to the camera about this and that? I can think of 1 million questions to ask (and no, not that one again!)

1) Could we maybe meet at that Starbucks just across from Cooper Union? It gets crowded but does have wifi. And/or you or I could search that whole area for an internet cafe we can make our regular place.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

The website name Exciting Arrival dot com is available. I like it very much. Better than AA. Okay with you?

Once I check if it is available like this, we have to move very fast to grab it.  Otherwise they will make it unavailable to us except for a big fee.  :-(

Jane wrote:  


I was already sleeping at that time. How about just The arrival? Like you suggested in the other email.


Peter Quennell Wrote:

Yeah I sent that at about 4 in the morning! I had to post something on a site then - many of my readers are in Europe.

And you ARE exciting - that was very obvious yesterday, your looks and confidence and ambition and chutzpah are rising right in front of my eyes!

Please say yes, Jane?! Amazing Arrival is, I agree, a bit much!!

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Jane: You are sure you are all okay? Do you want a quick coffee before I go? That last msg sounded like perhaps you are a bit down. Pete

Jane wrote:


I'm totally okay! Why wouldn't I be. I have plenty on things to do today..I've been practicing pretty much and a little tired from that, but that's just good.
Glad that the new site is up, cheers. And yes, modeling can be in two different sections, totally.


Peter Quennell Wrote:


No, it was just a possible concern. Your emails are rather short and you havent said much lately in response to mine. I thought I might be pressing you or something. Glad you're okay. See ya..

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Oops! Ignore that! Like you, I'm really pretty tired.

You had agreed to meet me yesterday (I canceled), and it is in meetings and face to face chats generally that you excel and do all thats ever necessary.

I send u emails in part because I do need your input, but also because I hope they make you more buoyant and the more buoyant you are the better.

Looking forward to seeing you again next week. Face to face!

Perhaps I should add this as I never said it before. In my line of work (the programs) an awful lot of people's efforts and futures are dependent on me.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Hey Jane

I hope you are doing fine. A soon as I return we need to take so many shots.  My new camera is a DREAM and you are going to love these ones. I think they should all be posed to make art directors and companies want to pay for you as a model. You should not need to give any more away for free, the commercial demand for you IS there.

I may have some time tonight and tomorrow night to do some work on the new site. I want to get everything over there, and then redirect everyone from the old site, so at least we only have one site!

There are 1.3 MILLION links on Google to complaints about YouTube stopping counting at around 300.  I understand the problem and will explain. Its actually deliberate! They want (and need) money and the problem goes away if we pay

I think I owe you a bunch of roses on this below. You like red or white or another color?

In the email below Quennell mentions his looks once again.

Peter Quennell Wrote: 

Hey Jane

I think you are RIGHT about the hugging and kissing when one meets people here! Mostly it is just a big nuisance.

For most of my life I was really very good looking (like you)(and Hope) or so I was told like 5000 times! So I was always being grabbed, and I hardly ever really appreciated it.

Most times when the women grab me like that, it feels like a sex thing. A few times it feels like they know it is a powerplay. I think the Geneva girls do it for that.

Okay Jane I do know how you feel. If you just want to shake hands... I'm happy.  8-)

Jane wrote:


Please take off the first and the third picture with me and Lucy, I look horrible in those. We agreed that you ask me first before posting new pictures.
See you tomorrow at 4.00.

Good night,

Peter Quennell Wrote:

This was a slightly grumpy welcome back! Best you can do?  8-)

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Jane, I also am incredibly busy - but I always make time for you, and I always try to send you nice messages. I know your dance classes and I know the hours and I dont want to affect those in any way. But that still seems to leave enough hours especially in the evenings to devote ten minutes to keeping in touch. Who are these photographers, by the way? Pete .

Peter Quennell Wrote:


It was not that you were not emailing enough that made me ask to meet instead next week. Even I had said earlier, dont email, because we'll meet.

The core problem was that the one email you did send me when I arrived back sounded quite unnecessarily cross. Read it and you will see.

In the email below Quennell lets Jane know that he and his wife sleep in separate beds.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

I should not have told you we have separate bedrooms at home! At least without going on a while longer.

You'd be surprised how many men and women especially if they are rich and have large homes prefer to have their own space. It is not necessarily a sign that they are short of sex or never spend the night in one anothers arms.

In our case we each have a lot of clothes and junk of our own which requires a room to hold it. Hope always reads at night, turns off the light quite early. and gets up at 5 in the morning. And I watch TV at night, turn off the light very late, and usually get up around 6:30.

By the way, you and I were alone together in a room, and I was amused that you didnt even seem to notice. You were very relaxed, in fact, and I really liked and appreciated that. Remember where?

And the word for the charismatic "you" that sometimes emerges is PERKY.  Google some definitions. You will not I think be unhappy.
Good night. Good going this evening, I thought.


PS I think how you approaching our project promises very well indeed for a good marriage on your part. Very few girls will be so totally prepared in every possible way. And I could write the book on girls...

Peter Quennell Wrote:


I was really a bit shocked tonight after the fun and amazing meeting we had on Monday, and the great one with [edit] on wednesday.

You seemed defensive, small, negative, unnecessarily argumentative, and forgetful of just about all the ideas we have already ever agreed.

The text you have me was useful but hardly exciting, and if you are going to block all ways to getting us some good images quickly this thing will never fly.

Maybe there are things I dont know?? I try always to be sympathetic.Lets maybe take a week off and see if your enthusiasm is still there??

I have the actress Angela Gots now wanting help to start a site so I can do that for now.  Tell me when you feel ready again.

In the email below  Jane lets Quennell know that she would like to end their business relationship.

Jane wrote:

Hey Peter,

I don't know what you wanted to say with that youtube. Why did you send it me?
I'm happy with my life dating guys, having real friends and a supportive parents. I started to work with you on the site, not give me advices in life. I'm a grown up person, in my best age right now and enjoying life.
I was very grateful when you offered your help regarding my career, and I fully thought you wanted to help me with dance. I think that's wonderful that you love dance and admire dancers.
The thing is that I don't need anyone to tell me how to live my life, that's why I brought it up in one of the meetings after San Fran, do you remember? I told you that if will work together it is fully and only going to be business, which means my career. Not my love life, not my friends, not my family. You agreed with that. But I don't see any difference.
I told you that I don't want your money, do you remember? Because I said that my parents will help me. But you said that it is really not a problem and that you want to support my career. Then I was that okay, if you really want to help me with dance, I am more than happy, 'cause that's what makes me happy, when i get to dance and improve my technique. Why I accepted money was because of my career. I only used it on that. But once again, you know that I'm gonna pay you back, right? I don't want to take anyone's money just like that. I am very very grateful 'cause you helped me, but I want to pay you back. You are not my relative and I can't take your money like that. I talked to mom and she said also that she agrees with me. She said that it's very kind of you to help me with dancing and stuff, but another person's money is another person's money. If it was my relative, it would have been another story.
I think it's good to stop now, because we have been having a few arguments already. You know that. And actually everytime you tell me that we seem to have a problem. If you think we seem to have a problem, why would you want to continue with me?
Peter, you have so many other sites, and I want you to concenrate on them. Don't waste time on me, if you even think I we are on different pages with this project.
Please don't tell me now that you were having a bad day and that's why you said we seen to have a problem. That wasn't the first time. The thing is that you've been saying it once in a while, so why would we continue? I don't want to hear that there is something wrong with me if I don't answet on my email on the same day or leave for the next day. I don't want to hear that I'm not focused if I'm having some social life with my friends or meeting guys. That's my life. I have dance, which I LOVE. I do it every day. But on my time off I wanna relax and live my life. Please do understand. \
Like I said in one of the meetings that I want the site to be a good add to my life. Do you remember? I said " we want it to be a good thing, right? pleasure for you and pleasure for me, right?" And you said "yes I promise not to be meanie to you anymore".
Then it happened again. You said that we have to trust each other in this business. But now honestly, I don't see that. Everything what I asked, is not actually happening. You kept saying that I'm the boss and what ever I want to be on the site it's gonna be like that. But when I say that I don't wnat those pictures, you won't listen. I said that I don't want my personal life on the site, and you won't listen. Even my parents said, that THEY don't want to be on the site, and you won't listen.
So I don't really understand?
It doesn't seem to be what I was expecting. And I guess it doesn't seem to you what you expected either. So why keep going? We both don't want to get dissapointed anymore.
I would just keep dancing and focus on my thing. And you do your own thing.
I'm trying to explain this in a right way, not saying you were doing anything wrong, but that we were wanting different things and just can't stay on the same pages. That's all.
I think you are a wonderful person that you have so much passion to help people and do amazing sites. This is just not for me.
I don't want to make you feel bad or anything, I just want you to understand that I'm not the person for this.

Take care,


Peter Quennell Wrote:


"You know us girls, we have our days.." What? You were having your period or PMS? If so, its better you warn me, other girls often do. Better to warn than risk breakup.

If it wasnt this, we do seem to have a real problem. We seems to have VERY different concepts of the project. We can meet monday and see if we can figure out what to do.

Before I read this, below I was tossing up between "she has deep-down very little confidence in her looks" and "this praise by [edit], Joan and me is really going to her head".

Is this you?  [youtube link removed] If yes as I rather suspect, thats a fourth - and best - reason.

In the email below Jane lets Quennell know once again that she would like to end their business relationship.

Jane wrote:


I'm not back being sad. Everything is very good and I'm waiting for rehearsals to start.
As I told you my parents help me with money and I have great friends here in the city. Lucy has been always a big support to me also. So there are many people who actually are pulling for me. You sound like I'm misarable or something. I am a young girl, full of energy and living my life fully right now.

As I told you I'm not a person for this. I'm not really getting anything from our meetings anymore.

If some day I get known, I want to deserve it. If I won't get that through dancing, I don't need it. I don't want anyone to "make" me famous.Like I told you in the beginning. I'm just happy when I get to dance and perform, and on my time off enjoy my time with my close people. That's all I need, and I have it. I figured that the site is taking too much time of my life. And if it's so much work, I rather not do it.

I didn't get that money what you are talking about. Thank you, but don't send me more money because my parents are helping me now. They are always there for me.


Peter Quennell Wrote:


You are criticizing me very unfairly. You make everything I say look bad. You sounded sad (or wounded, or something) in the earlier note so I simply said I was sorry for that.

Your whole note earlier was full of criticisms of me that actually could be taken two ways. You were very very tough on me and yet you said nothing about your own frequently angry notes or your indecisions over what should be on the site.

I worked very hard on your behalf with NO payback for myself. It was ALL to boost your spirits and career and do something for dance. I did many hours of work for you with material that was often frustratingly meager - and I completely rebuilt the site because you wanted the name to be changed. That took me two days.

I was warned not only by Hope but by others who have had bitter experience with Russians here (and dont get me wrong, I myself like and admire many Russians) that once you had the money you might abandon the project the minute something better came along with lots of claims it was all my fault.

You promised me - promised me - in your case that would never happen.

Well, last week you got your new contract, a very good one, and you came to the meeting friday seemingly determined to give me a very hard time, and now you are abandoning the project with lots of claims it was all my fault.

Jane wrote:


Read it once again. I'm not criticizing you, I'm saying how things are. And I'm actually complimenting you alot.
As I said I appreciate what you did. I understand that you worked for it a lot, but it was all your initiative. You know that. I was never asking you to do it. And I even said many many times that don't cancel your plans because of this and I was never never rushing you to do anything.
And yes, I did say that I won't just dissapear like many "Russians". And I won't.
You will get your $5000 back in the spring after I start getting my salary again. I think that's fair.
Don't say I'm not being unfair. I'm a very honest person and you can trust me in that.


Peter Quennell Wrote:

Again you get it seriously wrong. "I was never asking you to do it."

Actually you agreed and agreed and agreed, and you made many demands that I ALWAYS despite your claims took into account.

You have acted very badly Jane  Just as Hope and the others predicted.

In the next series of emails Quennell tries to continue the relationship with Jane after she told him she no longer wanted to do business with him.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

I think I have an idea you'll really like.

Jane wrote:
And that would be?

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Hi Jane

If you do decide you still wanna go ahead, we might make it a dance-only site,

Our hang-ups (which I think are pretty minor - creative process) are in those other areas, modeling and life, which are tough and innovative and there is no real road map to follow and you are somewhat reserved (so would I be).

For Monday? Take care.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Hey Jane

The second mean email I sent you the other day really was intended as a joke, and the kids from Geneva would have laughed. But I know you ain't them - you are better.

I am sorry I mentioned what to you is probably the unmentionable, perhaps I misunderstood, and I had not realised you would take literally "lonely girl" I only wanted you to smile at the great guy.

So heres a promise.A new system.If you ever think I have been too mean, and you email me that two days in a row, I will pay $1000 to the ABT no questions asked to make up for it.

I dont think you are capable of being really mean - even in your own emails back, I saw you were trying to be mean nicely!!  8-)

In the email below Quennell tells Jane once again that the money was not a loan.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Hey Jane

I am still at Newark Airport - flight is delayed but I will be flying off soon. I really need to say this to you before I go or I will not sleep well. This applies forever, regardless.

Dont return the money, ever,  regardless of what happens, and dont feel bad about it. My original undertaking still stands, that the money was an investment and not a loan.

Actually you could even win in court if I tried to sue to get it back! If the investment goes sour, I concede it is partly or mostly my fault for not managing things better.

I was playing bad games today when I was frustrated. We are so close to winning and yet you hesitate, and it just isnt getting across to me why you wont go the last mile..

Anyway. Enjoy! Feel no guilt! Take care.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

I think we may be on to something. I will chase it up when I get home

NBC still want to meet you. PLEASE stop being nervous and help me out here?!!

Peter Quennell Wrote:


By the way... You needed to whack me with a stick. Twice!! I really laugh at that now.

Glad you showed that you are such a toughie. More than ever now, I know you'll make it up there.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Okay you can relax Jane. Nothing mean is getting posted.

I think you get the point? Please dont say nasty things about me to others that are not true? I know several people other than Lucy and Joan who know you, and one of them said you did.

I think you went a little nuts at both those recent.meetings we had - but  I accept I had pushed the site as your answer when you were more worried about your dance.

Two things to think about.

1) I dont think you have enough money to rise to a higher  plane with Lucy and I want to pay Lucy direct to give you special classes for as long as it takes.

2) Would you and Joan like to come to Las Vegas for 3-4 days when you have a break early next year especially for more photos for the site plus plusplusplus..

Anyone who saw them said the San Francisco photos made you look wonderful.All your amazing moods and looks there, funny, and great poses. They did you a lot of good.

But I have a much better camera than I had in San Francisco and also the movie camera for video. I will bring someone so you two go one way till 4:00 am and we will go another.

Quennell sees that his efforts are failing and he begins to threaten Jane with unsubstantiated legal action.

Peter Quennell Wrote: 

Dear Jane

I like you and even more your fabulous dancing and I have worked hard with increasingly good effect here to give the supportive help you requested when you were desperate.

I also paid you around $6000 to keep you alive [when you lost your contract], and I paid a trip to San Francisco. And I said that you had no need to pay it all back.

It was certainly rather surprising and difficult running this project with you. You seemed to me pretty lazy, have few ideas, and be unable to stick to your words.

And although I always respected your knowledge of dance infinitely and always deferred to you, you treated with suspicion and denial my expertise on websites and the web.

The very long email you sent me two months ago after I insulted you (or so you wrongly thought) by sending you a link to Lonely Girl was okay and sorta justified.

But then you agreed to meet, twice in four weeks, in what seemed a cordial way - and each time you were from the very start bizarrely ranting, vicious and vengeful.

Although I have only seen you for 6-7 hours (several with Lucy) since San Francisco, to get agreements and materials, you made it sound like days and days, and to no good effect.

You seemed to have invented some complete dark fantasy world about my interest in you, and you came out with untrue statement after untrue statement after untrue statement.

I never never accept to have dangerous charges floating around about me, and I have told you that a few times already - if anyone ever slanders me, I hit back quite hard.

Please now admit that your grudges and stubbornness and nasty claims were unfair, excessive and uncalled for, and retract them from everyone you have shared them with.

Or on legal advice it may come to this. First I may list on the site EVERY charge yyou made, with the real truth. And then, if I have to, I may put my lawyers on the case.

Do the smart thing, girl. You were in the wrong - and you know it.

Oh and if I was going to go nuts over a dancer as you seemed maybe to think... she would look more like Veronica Park or Diana Vishneva. All of my girlfriends do.

Its your fabulous dancing and (when you show it) the sweet side of your personality and funny grin that I really like. Nothing more.

This is an interesting email from Quennell as he seems concerned that Jane may be talking about him.

You never ever say to people I'm a meanie, right? (Which I'm actually not.)

The best way to help everyone (you included) is to say I am a really nice kind guy who really knows what I am doing (which I do) and who is not looking for any personal profit..

Quennell tries to lure Jane back to him once again.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Hi Jane

They like what they are seeing and say they appreciate the help. Actions I (we) have taken could net them millions of dollars - I've done that dozens of times before, though usually on a much wider scale.

I have a number of new moves in mind for the 2 sites. Let me know if you want to sit and chat, I'd like that, this is exciting and good. Otherwise, I will just go ahead.

I am against setting out ideas for you in emails any more. I have read through all our correspondence (emails over 6 months) and my advice was very sound and nice. But I wonder now how clear it was to you.

In the email below Quennell changes his tune completely regarding the money. He tells Jane that she needs to pay him back. He tries to scare her by telling her she could lose her Visa.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Hi there Jane

Just thinking. I've known you now for eight months - and for four of them, you havent said even a single nice word. Just sayin.... Unusual.

Remember I came into this with a great deal of compassion for you, after your first email and the meetings in June and (especially) after Helsinki. Not smart or kind to just throw that away. 


By mid March we need to have an agreement or a liquidation.
We cant leave it any longer because the $10,000 MUST be accounted for for tax purposes (you could lose your viza if you evade taxes).

Also I must move on developing and spreading the sites if ABT is to see any benefit from them in Chicago.

I have already sent you messages explaining both the downside of liquidation, which I think is considerable, and the upside of sticking to our original Plan A, which looks better all the time.

How are you placed around mid-March? Do you want me to draft an agreement?

If you do pay the money back, you said you were eager, and the parents or the Montclair trade union guy would make it up to you. True? I doubt it    8-)  but it would be good to really know.

In the email below Quennell makes more demands on Jane regarding the money that he repeatedly told her was a gift.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Back to this tax etc issue again. Sorry to bother you but the accountant now says for this below to stick you have to actually agree in writing:

1) Either to help me in some ways down the road to advance the project as you promised me originally. I reckon between San Francisco and the last of the meetings you did about one days work.

2) Or to return the money I gave you to help you out (I said I would settle for half, which is $5000, though that still leaves me with a pretty big hit) and the websites and YouTubes would come down. .

You are welcome to set out some conditions and requirements. We can meet if you like. Or we can take care of them later. Make your choice and please email? I need to get taxes done before I fly.

In the email below Quennell tells Jane that she needs to pay him if she wants the website taken offline. He seems worried that he has behaved inappropriately in his emails to Jane.

Peter Quennell Wrote: 

PS Jane

If you do seriously want to get out and take down the websites and YouTubes you really need to do it right now. 

I have to be accurate and honest in accounting for the $10,000 as an expense or we could both get into serious trouble.

If you agree to pay the money back to get out and take down the websites and YouTubes I wont argue. If you think its unfair that you pay the money back (say $5000) please do explain why.

I had earlier thought the written record (emails) made me look bad. But when I checked them - actually they dont. There were only 2-3 jokes that you didnt get and a couple of impatient remarks.

Otherwise (and 2 of the girls in Geneva looked and agree) they were terrific advice, smart business, good for dance, warm and funny, helpful to others, and always very encouraging to you.

In the email below Quennell shows disappointment that the business relationship has ended and then suggests they start talking again.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

PS Jane

Frankly it is a little hard for us to know what to make of you. I have offered you a few times a very easy way out for you (pay back half the money) but not a peep came back on that from you.

You seem to us to have acted nasty deliberately so's you could hang on to all the money while doing almost none of the things you promised - example: you obviously gave [edit] more time than the little you did me.

But then, there is also your early childhood, of poverty in the USSR, where everyone had to fight tooth and nail. That moved me a lot. Nobody I met who went through that (and I know many) is fully at peace with the world.

Mainly  I want to see you start talking again because (1) it would be really good for you (2) I need some (secret) advice (3) we both need better stuff on your site. Do please reply?

In the email below Quennell lets Jane know that he is still watching her.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

I liked watching you again - I always do - and you looked pretty good to me. I suppose you'd find 100 things to worry about.

But Jane... you worry TOO MUCH.

You were also smiling that smile I like and very relaxed. Head back and mouth closed, it looks sooo classy. You are lucky to have it.

In the email below Quennell lets Jane know again that he is still watching her. He also lets her know that he is looking better.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Tonight was absolutely amazing.
Jane, you are looking so happy and confident this season. And your dancing is so smooth and rehearsed. And your eyes are actors eyes and such a big plus. It seems our website didnt mess too much with your mind after all!

PS I'm looking way better too. Brown and really quite fit.More of that to come.

Quennell lets Jane know that he is upset that she is not responding to him. He suggests that his wife is angry that Jane ripped them off.

Peter Quennell Wrote: 


You need to say something please. Are you receiving my emails? Hope is not unkind and it is your fault she is getting upset.

Periodically asking questions is Hope. If you mean that, she says, will you be paying the $10,000 or so back? She really wants to know now..

I told you long ago Hope had examples of  being ripped off for money.  They were very nice till they got the money, and then they revealed a whole other side.

You promised me you'd never do this and I believed you and trusted you, but Hope thinks she did see you do this and there does seem good evidence.

She also thinks you made up unkind stories, like to Joan about Lonely Girl. Clear this one up for her? She wont give up.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

Hope is worried and angry at what you have been saying about us. You need to clear this up or she will do something.

In the email below Quennell actually suggests that Jane does not have to return the money if she agrees to work with Quennell again. He refuses to give up. He also shows concern that she is talking to others about him.

Peter Quennell Wrote:

I presume you actually are still reading...

Hope is one of the kindest people you ever didnt yet meet. She asked me to set the record straight.

Like me, she is widely admired, has done a great deal for others, and has no arguments with anyone - ever.

She admires your dancing and looks and she was happy we help you with the project untill you became odd.

Like the girls in Geneva, she looked at the emails and just laughed and wonders why you didnt.

Jane, she agrees we give you the money and more if need it if you get back to doing the project.

No hurry. Bring back some nice video from LA and Helsinki. You have a lot to gain.

And please... do watch your tongue with others? Things do get back to us. 8-)

In the email below Quennell is still trying to encourage Jane to work with him on the website that she repeatedly asked him to take offline.

Peter Quennell Wrote:


The website took a lot of work and there is already a great deal of value in it.

I dont see the point of destroying it just because for some reason you see yourself as a weak nervous kitten who occasionally feels she has to use her claws.

I have always thought of you really as a tiger (or tigress!) and I think you should go all out to show American niceness, humor and chutzpah.

I think it will transform everything about you and make sure you have a rewarding career.

There were certain times last year when I just KNOW I empowered you. You were very empowered at some of our meetings and in S-F especially.

And remember this: at our meetings at the Japanses sushi place in the East Village we ended up with a very very good agreement.

I never did understand why you went funny on me at the coffee shop the last time and proceeded to throw it all away.

You are a good chick. A very good chick. Tigress, you could go a long way. Just love you in those boots by the way..