Sunday, May 12, 2013

Amanda Knox: Prosecutor sues over her book

 By Candace Dempsey, author of Murder in Italy, Amanda Knox, Meredith Kercher and the Murder Trial that Shocked the World. 

Amanda Knox’s litigious prosecutor Giuliano Mignini plans to sue over her hot-selling prison memoir, Waiting to be Heard,  even though he hasn’t read it yet.

For Mignini, it was enough to encounter “My 24,248 hours of nightmare,” a review of the book in Oggi, Italy’s most popular news magazine (see English translation by clicking link below).

Bizarrely, the prosecutor infamous for threatening journalists in the Monster of Florence and Knox cases, claims he’s “always reluctant to take these measures.” He calls the few phrases quoted in Oggi ”beyond the pale, “libelous and just plain false.”

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